UNIQE Vol 09

Berbagi Cerita

Most People are likely to keep things to themselves than to express their concern or feelings, so #BerbagiCerita started out as a way to encourage others to speak out regarding things that they are previously more scared to say.


Creative Director & Designer


2 months (February - March 2021)


Yana (Illustrator & Content Writer), Jocelyn (Content & Copy Writer), Gulardi (Content Writer)

#BerbagiCerita unite people through their different stories.

#BerbagiCerita unite people through their different stories.

Bowling Shirt

Connecting People Through Conversations

With the rise of earthy-neutral fashion color trend, we chose a coffee-brown fabric as our basic material. The design consists of UNIQE's three mascots walking on different paths, yet united as one. A rainbow overlooks them which symbolizes hope and peace. All three of them are laughing and conversing with each other happily and care-free.


This is the message we wish to convey to others, that sharing stories brings comfort and people together.

Graphic T-shirt

Embracing Emotions

To provide a variety of colors and to contrast the previous product; we selected baby blue shade as our T-shirt base.

Reva, the introverted cloud-like character is watering the flower with his stories; failures, frustations, and dark phases. Sunday with her bright and cheerful nature protect and nurture the flower as it grows. At last, Lucky with their kame kameha move; they shoot love to the flower.

All of these fragments that they took from themselves made the flower grew into an entity that is filled with empathy, courage, and dignity.

Instagram Posts

Failures, Wins, and Expectations

Connecting with our main message—encouraging others to speak out regarding things that they are previously more scared to say. We created several easy-to-digest informative posts that covers 3 parts which are Failures, Wins, and Expectations.


The reason why it’s divided into 3 is because there are just too many things to say with such little time we have in our lives. Expectations, Wins, and Failures rarely come up in conversations for the fear of offending or creating misunderstandings. However in contrast, they are actually important to truly express your feelings to ensure that the party you’re speaking to understands what you mean.

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