Kolom Remaja

Kolom Remaja is a digital media that serves the community as an online youth publication to promote freedom of speech and expression with the aim to connect, encourage youth to speak up, and create an impact. 


Illustrator & Graphic Designer


2020 - 2021


Kenny Adrian (Art Director)

Informative Post

Greenwashing: Cinta Fana Korporasi Pada Bumi

This informative post uses a “parody-satire” concept that was inspired by Tirto & Asumsi media. Both media often used an iconic character to represent a certain context or topic. Moreover, the term “Greenwashing” (in a nutshell) means a sustainable and eco-friendly marketing strategy that aims to gain more profit by using environmental activism as a trend. Therefore, a popular cartoon character from Disney, Pinocchio was picked. Pinocchio, who is known as the "puppet liar" symbolizes the person behind the company that initiated the strategy to manipulate their customers.

Written by Indira Sukmariana 

In-House Production

Have You Heard of They Who Come at Night?

To illustrate an eerie and spooky look, a range of contrasting colors brushed with grainy texture were put against a dark background. Different typography designs were also used to emphasize the ‘mood’ of the content. For instance, the typography used in the word ‘HEARD’ has a blood dripping effect and is colored in bold red, this effect expresses the horror told in the story. Furthermore, the iconic hallway scene from the film “The Shining”  was implemented to give the readers a sense of familiarity.​

Written by Rizka Herdiani



With the burst of heart-warming emotions delivered by this poem, I decided that it would be fun to bring those emotions to life. The different vibrant colors, typography style and shapes symbolizes the diverse feelings we have. Each of the letters on the cover were uniquely designed; all of them stand out with their own character. For example, the letter ‘E’ represents human nature; where at certain times we could feel our life is like a huge ball of tangled string—we feel stuck, devastated, and flustered.

Written by Qonita S.

In-House Production

Mati Rasa

Straightforward, but complex. Simple, yet deep.Those words best portray the message of the story. To maintain the mood that the author conveyed, bold and ‘edgy’ style were used. A scant blurriness was added on certain text to emphasize its meaning; in this case it was something that radiates uneasiness. Inverted colors were also applied to the lizard elements which was made to accentuate the shocking and poignant moments.

Written by Fauzan Abdul

on my way to the playground ~~