Pit Stop Shop

Pit Stop Shop is a vintage online convenience store that sell a variety of well-curated goods. As of now, Pit Stop Shop started to resell coffee through a dropship system. In addition, the target market is mainly younger people including millenials and gen-z.


Graphic & Motion Designer


1 week (2021)



Pit Stop Shop is your go-to vintage online convenience store

Pit Stop Shop is your go-to vintage online convenience store

Logo Type

The logo is heavily inspired by the popular retro “Pit Stop” and vintage racing events. This “Pit Stop” look was translated visually through the wing-like strips and retro script font.


The playful typography is influenced by the 80s advertisements and signboards, in which they often used different font styles that were laid out attractively.

Logo Illustration

With the old classic Mickey Mouse style drawn in the logo, Pit Stop Shop aims to bring back the nostalgia that is wrapped in a modern and attractive identity suited for the vast and artistically-inclined generation.


To represent a shopping site that provides generally everything, a “convenient store” basket was added to give a sense of relatability and variety - just like a convenient store!

Brand Colors

A toned-down palette of retro colors will be used to fit the viewing experience in devices better and to give a more subtle expression. The off-white colour exudes the vintage ‘look’ and warmth - the rustic & old paper feel, whilst yellow represent happiness which relates to customer satisfaction. Orange is an attention grabber that makes the brand appeal more to the crowd, and green embodies quality, availability and freshness that portrays the varieties of well-curated products.

Instagram Feed

The Instagram feed consists of 9 posts that varies from video, product pictures and carousel post.


Row 1  - Brand introduction (logo and brand

identity reveal)

Row 2 - Opening and product showcase

Row 3 - Repetition of product (increases product exposure that might boost sales)


‘Kopitagram’ products were also categorized to several favored list to ease customers to find their preferred product and encourages them to buy ones similar with their liking.

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